ProductTank London – Stakeholders are people, too

**ProductTank September – Stakeholders are people, too**

Stakeholder management is in the heart of product management, yet most times we tend to bundle up stakeholders in boxes of some framework or a matrix and forget that they are people, too. This month’s talks will explore how to take a step back and take a human-centered approach to your stakeholders.

This event has been curated by Elina Sokolovska, a ProductTank Organiser and Senior Product Manager at Wise.

The speakers will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel and the event will be recorded. We will start streaming the talks from 7pm onwards. The event can be accessed here:

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Using psychometric testing tips and tricks to figure out your stakeholders
Tanya Whitehead

You might have heard about or even completed a psychometric test or two. A fan or a sceptic – what has that got to do with stakeholders, you might ask? Tanya will give a brief introduction to MBTI/Myers Briggs, a personality framework that positively discusses difference. She will then explore how people differ in the way they take in information and make decisions and how you can apply the learnings when working with stakeholders.

Tanya is a strategic HR professional with 12+ years of experience, gained through senior positions across creative, media, advertising and not-for-profit, such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Great Ormond St Children’s Charity.
She has now founded Talent Wise Consulting Ltd to support organisations with bespoke HR and learning & development initiatives to attract, retain, engage, and develop their people.
Tanya is also an accredited MBTI (Myers Briggs) facilitator, with a coaching qualification in progress at the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Taking a human-centered approach to stakeholder management
Tanya Agarwal

Have you ever stopped to think why it’s important to have a good relationship with your stakeholders, beyond just having their buy-in? How it will impact your day-to-day role, happiness at work and help your career? Tanya explores how getting to know your stakeholders, understanding their personalities and how they take in information, will help you to grow and help you make better decisions for the business and your customers.

Tanya has been in product for 8+ years, having held roles in companies all sizes, starting from Seed to Series D+. She has worked on both, greenfield products as well as enhancing existing product propositions. Tanya is passionate about onboarding journeys and customers’ first experiences particularly and she owns the Seller onboarding in her current product role at Paddle.

Putting relationships at the heart of what you do
Shobhit Chugh

Every Product Manager will tell you that the ability to build relationships is key to being a great product person. But how do you even analyze and know where a relationship stands? Shobhit will give you a simple framework which you can use to monitor and systematically improve these relationships, just like you would iterate a product.

Shobhit is a coach that has helped 100s of Product Managers and Product Leaders to excel in their careers. His journey to coaching for Product Managers came about when he experienced a major life transformation brought about by an intense focus on self-development, mindfulness and high performance.

In the past, Shobhit worked as a Product Manager at Google for Crashlytics, the world’s most popular mobile app crash reporter and was a management consultant at McKinsey.

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