ProductTank Linz : Enterprise B2B Product (how product management needs differ from B2C Product)

Come join ProductTank Linz for its 5th event in which guest speaker Jason Knight (Product Director @ DueDil) will take us through a presentation and Q&A session on an interesting topic:

Enterprise B2B Product (how it differs, how a lot of the advice out there seems targeted at B2C, how you have to adapt)

How to attend?

Please hit attend on the MTP event page and we will message attendees with the video calling link for the event in due course.

We look forward to seeing you remotely!

More about the speaker

Jason is a passionate Product Management nerd, always curious to learn and understand diverse perspectives and pay it forward to the next generation. By day he leads the Product team at DueDil, a London-based Reg Tech startup. By night he picks up the microphone and interviews a wide range of Product Management professionals on his podcast, One knight in Product

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