ProductTank Karlsruhe: Celebrating World Product Day with Melissa Perri

Dear Product People,
May 27th is World Product Day and we will join more than 90 events worldwide! In order to celebrate this day properly, we have spared no expense and are happy to have a top-class speaker with us!
Melissa Perri will be speaking about “Escaping the Build Trap”, sharing her experiences with us. For those of you who haven’t read the book of the same title yet, we highly recommend to check it out :).
In the spirit of connecting Product People worldwide, we will have our lovely friends from ProductTank Linz joining us for this year’s World Product Day.
Grab your seat to celebrate our craft on this special day!

Are you building what your customers want, or are you just building? Many large companies that have been around for decades, or even newer startups that have found some stability, fall into a dangerous place called “The Build Trap” — building feature after feature, without stopping to validate it’s what customer truly want and need. In this talk, Melissa outlines how product teams can restructure their thinking to focus on finding value for the user through experimentation to achieve business goals and escape “The Build Trap.”

Melissa Perri is the CEO of Produx Labs, a Product Management consultancy, and the author of “Escaping the Build Trap”. She believes the key to creating great products is growing great product leaders.

Committed to that mission, she created the online school Product Institute, where she has shared her scientific approach to Product Management with over 3500 students. In 2019, Melissa was appointed to the faculty of Harvard Business School to teach Product Management in the MBA program.

As a consultant, Melissa works with executives worldwide to set up their product organizations, advise on product strategy, and grow product leaders into Chief Product Officers.


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