ProductTank Hong Kong: World Product Day – Embrace the New Normal in Product Management by Wendy Tam

Embrace the New Normal in Product Management
by Wendy Tam

“I just can’t wait till things get back to normal!” This might be a phrase you’ve been hearing for quite some time. As Covid-19 took the world by storm, the world, as we know it, is no longer the same after humankind took the shock from the pandemic by different degrees.

This talk, to be held on World Product Day this year, is for product leaders and individual contributors who are eager to answer the question “What is it I need to know, to prepare and to act on, in order not only to stay relevant in the game, but emerge as a positive force in the future?”

Together we will examine:
– How to revisit the assumptions we have about our customers?
– How to leverage customer behaviour shift to invite non-customers into
– What might be the new normal in team composition, cooperation and
– What is the role of visions and values in organizations?

The goal is to learn what actions we could and should take, so we can move forward courageous amid uncertainty.

About the speaker

Wendy believes technology should be designed to make positive difference in people’s lives. Having over a decade of experience in UX and product creation, she wants to help people to create tech products that their customers would actually love to use. Her mission is to advance the creation of more purpose-led, customer-centric and highly effective product organizations, so that there can be more companies that can do well by doing good.

She is an independent advisor and consultant to tech product companies.

Serving as an agent of change, Wendy applies UX, agile and innovation methodologies to empower product teams to uncover hidden opportunities to build the right thing; And to unleash the power of agile team to build the things right.

Connect with Wendy at:

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