ProductTank Hong Kong #24: World Product Day 2021 – Chronicles of a B2B Product Manager

Chronicles of a B2B Product Manager
by Clark Chahine

The life of a product manager is tightly linked to the life of one’s product. However, it’s very rare to manage a B2B product throughout its entire existence which, when successful, can span over 20 or more years.

Together we will journey through the entire life of B2B products, from inception to retirement, and discuss how to overcome the challenges you might face at each stage of the product’s life. We will discuss the patterns that can be seen in the development of B2B products and explore the various skills and strategies necessary for each phase.

About the speaker

Clark is Kpler’s Head of Product. He joined Kpler in 2020, having previously worked in several roles at Schlumberger for over 10 years, including Head of Product for all their subsurface upstream softwares. At Kpler, Clark oversees the strategy, development and improvement of Kpler’s products, leading a team of product managers and designers to deliver the best experience and relevant impact to Kpler’s users.

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