ProductTank Hong Kong: 成長黑客駭啲乜? What is Growth Hacking all about?

歡迎來到最新一次的 ProductTank Hong Kong!我們有幸邀請得到 Oursky 的 May Yeung,分享她成為「成長黑客」* 的個人經歷,並會介紹「成長黑客」所為何事,包括把 AARRR 框架^ 應用在 B2B 和 B2C 數碼產品的實際例子,以及當中的一些實用貼士和技巧等。她亦會為大家破解一些對「成長黑客」的誤解和迷思。

* 成長黑客負責為產品的整個用戶旅程,策劃各種誘因去鼓勵用戶作出各種關鍵行為。這包括為產品引進更多用戶,吸引他們回來使用產品,或令他們可以有更高的單次消費額。

^ AARRR 框架是大部分產品主導增長的企業用以量度五個關鍵用戶行為指標的縮寫:獲取用戶(Acquisition)、用戶激活(Activation)、保留用戶(Retention)、用戶轉介(Referral),以及收益(Revenue)。

– 甚麼是「成長黑客」?
– AARRR 和其他指標
– 「成長黑客」的個案實例
– 「成長黑客」的實用技巧
– 「成長黑客」如何與產品管理息息相關?
– 未能應用「成長黑客」的場景
– 「成長黑客」作為一份職業
– 在香港的商業環境中,如何區分「數碼營銷從業員」和「成長黑客」?
– 「業務發展」和「成長黑客」又有何分別?
– 「成長黑客」的各種成長階段

In the sharing, May will talk about her personal journey as a growth hacker* and some basic knowledge of growth hacking. She will share how she applies growth hacking to digital products under the AARRR framework^, with B2B and B2C case sharing. Some of the tips, tricks and myths will be covered too.

* A growth hacker is someone who works on the entire customer journey of a product to grow the key behaviors of its customers. It can involve getting more customers to your product, getting your current customers to come back more or getting your current customers to spend more.

^ AARRR framework is an acronym for a set of five user-behavior metrics that product-led growth businesses should be tracking: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue.

Topics covered
– What is growth hacking?
– AARRR and different metrics
– Real examples of growth hacking
– Growth hacking techniques
– How does growth hacking relate to product management?
– When growth hacking may not solve your problems
– Career as a growth hacker
– What is the difference between a growth hacker and a digital marketer in Hong Kong?
– Business Development vs Growth hacking?
– What will a growth hacker grow into at different stages?

關於主講者 About the speaker

May Yeung 畢業於香港理工大學電子及資訊工程學系。她目前於 Oursky 任職「成長黑客」。她早年曾經協助 MakeAppIcon、Appsite 及 Shotbot 等產品高速成長;目前則集中培育 FormX 和 Authgear 產品的成長。

您可以從 May 的 LinkedIn 個人檔案了解更多:

May Yeung is a graduate in Electronic and Information Engineering from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is currently working as a Growth Hacker in Oursky. Previously she successfully grew MakeAppIcon, Appsite and Shotbot in her early growth hacker life and right now she is
focusing on growing FormX and Authgear.

Check out May’s LinkedIn profile at

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