ProductTank HK #20: Hacking Your Product Leader Career

Hacking Your Product Leader Career
by Gibson Biddle, former VP Product at Netflix

This webinar advocates an experimental approach to your career. Learn how to package and position yourself via the technical and leadership skills of a product leader, to form your own career hypotheses, and finally, to recruit a Personal Board of Directors to solicit ongoing feedback from peers and mentors. We’ll use Slido to see the variety of skills that product leaders all around the world exhibit, and to bring home the point that there’s no one “right” type of product leader. It’s all about packaging and positioning yourself for that role that’s a “just for you” fit.

About the speaker

Gibson Biddle joined Netflix as VP of Product in 2005. In 2010 he became the Chief Product Officer of his next startup, Chegg, a textbook rental and homework help company that went public in 2014. Today he’s an adviser, speaker and guest lecturer at both Stanford and INSEAD.

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