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African startups are booming by Annu Augustine and Roger Norton

Startups on the African continent have seen significant growth in recent years, attracting over $3 billion in investments so far this year alone. But it’s also accelerating with funding in 2021 on track to be more than the 2 previous years combined. Google has also jumped on the bandwagon and recently announced a $1B investment into Africa.
However Africa is very unique being a fragmented market of 54 very diverse countries that each have unique challenges. While the market context and consumer behaviour in these countries vary significantly – they are starkly different to other regions.
In this talk we’ll highlight some of the market nuances and trends shaping the rise of African startups as well as showcase some of the uniquely African innovations that power them.

“A Playbook for the Disrupted” by Paul-Jervis Heath

We’ve recently been working with a tech firm. Five years ago they had 80% market share. They were aggressively buying up the competition. They weren’t resting on their laurels either: they had created their next generation product, it was designed by a well-known and well-regarded designer. They were planning to disrupt themselves with a new streamlined product and stay ahead of the competition.
Back to the present. Their fortunes have changed completely. Aggressive new
competitors have entered their market. One of their longstanding competitors have also overtaken them. Their disruptive new product was not gaining the traction in the marketplace that it should have. Their marketshare has plummeted and they’re finding it difficult to win new customers. We have set about helping them with their product turnaround.
In product circles, we all know the work of Clayton Christiansen. We all know the
textbook plays for becoming a disruptor. But what if you’re not the disruptor? What if you’re being disrupted? What if you’ve already been overtaken? What should your product strategy be then? What do you do if the market has moved and a competitor has better product-market fit? How should the disrupted respond to disruption? How should an incumbent react when their industry is being disrupted? What steps could you take to stay on top?

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