ProductTank Hamburg – Global Accessibility Awareness Day with Sheri Byrne-Haber and Christian Ohrens

A transcript of this event will be provided soon.

Join us for Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

We are sure that most of us product folks are generally aware of the importance of accessibility in products as well as other aspects of life. But are we really aware? Have we ever spoken to people with disabilities about how they use our products – and have we acted upon it?
We’ve decided to make this event part of the Global Accessibility Awareness Day activities and raise our awareness by bringing you two exciting speakers.

#1 Sheri Byrne-Haber

Sheri is a world-leading expert in, and evangelist and advocate for making the world a more accessible place for people with disabilities, best known for launching digital accessibility programs at multiple Fortune 200 companies, including McDonald’s, Albertsons, and VMware.

A prolific writer on disability and accessibility, Sheri has published over 120 articles on Medium, reaching over half-a-million readers. Her effort, talent, and impact was recently recognized by Medium, with them naming Sheri their 2020 UX Author of the Year.

Through her work, Sheri has positively impacted millions of the more than 1 billion people around the world living with disabilities.

#2 Interview with Christian Ohrens

Our second guest will be Christian Ohrens. Christian is a professional DJ, film maker, journalist, radio host, photographer, and tour guide here in Hamburg. That in itself is an impressive list of activities. It becomes even more impressive when you realize one detail: Christian is blind from birth.

As a blind person, what of all things inspired him to take up photography and video art? How does he approach his productions? Which digital tools are a curse for him? Which are blessings? What can we learn for product development from his perspective? – We will get to the bottom of these questions in conversation with Christian and are very much looking forward to exciting insights.


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