ProductTank Hamburg: AMA with Petra Wille on her book STRONG

Product Tank Hamburg is very proud to have our local hero Petra Wille back at ProductTank Hamburg. Seven years after she spoke at the second ProductTank Hamburg event she will be doing a special session with us to talk about her brand new book, STRONG Product People.

STRONG is a hands-on guide for how to develop Product Managers. It is based on Petra’s broad experience of coaching product people in all sorts of organizations around Europe and while it is primarily written for people who manage Product Managers, it also offers great advice if you are a Product Manager yourself.

Not only are all of us ProductTank organizers fans of STRONG – it has also been picked up with great applause by readers around the world, including many of our industry’s thought leaders. An internationally acclaimed product management book from Hamburg – how great is that?!!

This is why we have invited Petra to join our next ProductTank to talk about her book and answer your questions. We’ll be focussing on three aspects of Product Manager development which are equally relevant to Product Managers and those who manage them. Whether you have already read the book or not doesn’t matter for the event (but irrespective of this event we recommend you DO read it! ;O) )

Later we’ll also do a quiz in which you can win great prizes and there will also be the opportunity to mingle (digitally) with each other.

Event Details:

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