ProductTank Exeter #13 – Teresa Torres – The What & Why of Continuous Discovery

We’re extremely excited that Teresa Torres will join us for our next ProductTank Exeter event, talking about the hugely important theme of continuous product discovery!

🎤 The What & Why of Continuous Discovery

Most product teams are starting to adopt discovery best practices (e.g. interviewing customers, usability testing, experimenting). However, many of us are still stuck in a project world. We do research to kick off a project, we usability test right before we hand off to engineers, and our primary means for experimenting is a/b testing. These methods are better than nothing, but the best product teams are shifting from a project mindset to a continuous mindset. In this talk, we’ll explore the key differences between project-based discovery and continuous discovery and give your team a clear benchmark to aspire to.

❓Ask Teresa your questions!

We’ll be having time for Q&A and would love you to submit questions in advance to Teresa. It’s a great chance to pick her brains about discovery, as well other product questions. Just use the link below!

🗣️ About Teresa

Teresa Torres is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and coach. She teaches a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery that helps product teams infuse their daily product decisions with customer input. She’s coached hundreds of teams at companies of all sizes, from early-stage start-ups to global enterprises, in a variety of industries. She has taught over 7,000 product people discovery skills through the Product Talk Academy. She’s the author of the upcoming book Continuous Discovery Habits and blogs at

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