ProductTank Exeter – #10 Ellie Powers – Resilience as a Product Manager

🗣️ Building great products begins and ends with a strong foundation, be it in company and in self. In a relentlessly tumultuous year, however, it can start to feel like that very foundation is rocking and rolling. Though individual experiences may be unique, what are some ways product leaders can all adapt in order to weather the storm, and even come out stronger? How can products, teams, and product leaders themselves adapt in strange times to build resilience?

👩‍💻 Ellie Powers currently serves as the Director of Product at Slack. As a veteran in product leadership, her focus lies in the creation of products that delight users and enhance their productivity, while solving previously unmet needs. Her previous experience includes the role of Product Lead at Microsoft, where she developed strategy, designed user experiences, and championed accessibility through her expertise in international and U.S. law compliance. Additionally, as Google Product Lead, she led strategy execution for Google Play’s developer products and the Google Play Developer Console.

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