ProductTank Delhi: Building for Bharat Customers – Hike’s Virtual Product Meetup

Tier II, III and IV India, or what we have come to call Bharat is today one of the most talked-about segments across the nation and beyond. Most of India’s population resides in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. With greater access to the internet and smartphones, this segment has become the focus of many startups. Hike is committed to build innovating for Bharat leveraging both Art and AI. Even though technology around us continues to evolve quickly, social products still feel the same. Hike believes that social products should be joyful. They should be built around people and not the other way around. They should be fun and should celebrate the depth of relationships. They should allow people to be their true selves and go beyond the limits that hold them back in the real world. Hike is building out this new social future. Join the product leaders from Hike to gain insights on how Hike is reinventing the social landscape with incredible hyper-local and homegrown shared experiences.

1. Customer Centricity and JTBD by Aditya Mukherjee
2. Building for Bharat by Aditya Maheswari and Smriti Pant
3. Retention and Aha! moments by Ayush Nalotia

About the Speakers

– Aditya Mukherjee – Senior Principal PM @ Hike –
– Arpit Maheshwari – Associate PM @ Hike –
– Smriti Pant – Associate PM @ Hike –
– Ayush Nalotia – Senior Product Manager –

Meetup group:

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