ProductTank Cardiff: Having An Explorer’s Mindset & Lean Product Management

ProductTank Cardiff #12

Tendayi Viki – How Having An Explorer’s Mindset Can Help You Lead Innovation

When leading innovation, you have to take the mindset of someone who is leading a team of explorers who are about to step into the unknown. You cannot ask for detailed plans, roadmaps and expected returns. You are asking teams to go and find out if there is something worth investing in. This talk will discuss leaders can drive innovation by asking the right questions at the right time.

Itamar Gilad – Lean Product Development

Product management has evolved a great deal in the past 15 years as have the challenges we face. In this talk I’ll present Lean Product Management – a synthesis of methodologies that helps create agility in planning and execution, market-focus, evidence-based decisions and team empowerment. I’ll also go over a few tools I created to help PMs in their day-to-day journey: the GIST framework, the Confidence Meter and GIST boards

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