ProductTank Brisbane: Outfit + Panel inc Health Engine and Explorate

This year ProductTank is hitting the road to highlight ten great product companies in Brisbane. This month we’ll be joining to hear about the evolution of their product program followed by a panel developed in conjunction with Outfit.

Given the growing importance of Product in the success and viability of business, it is common to hear from our community that Imposter Syndrome is an issue. Imposter Syndrome is where you doubt achievements and has a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. The first step to crushing Imposter Syndrome is to break the silence.

Hosted by Anthony Lee, Product Manager ABC News, we have recruited a panel of product leaders from different backgrounds and different business models.

– Ash Ivory, Head of Product, Outfit
– Darius Wey, Co-founder and the Chief Product Officer, HealthEngine
– Nick Burge, Head of Product for Explorate

They will be sharing their own journeys as well as offering tips on how to work past this mode of thinking. There is also plenty of room for Q+A and sharing in our live chat.

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