ProductTank Birmingham: Which Top Gear Personality Are You When Driving Your Roadmap?

Bill Wagner dives into questions like:

1. Who is getting value from your roadmap?
2. What traps do we fall into with a roadmap?
3. (and most importantly) Which top gear personality are you when driving your roadmap?

Bill Wagner is an experienced business and thought leader who is passionate about driving growth by creating great experiences for customers. He has a long track record of successfully applying cutting-edge best practices from the worlds of business, science, marketing and economics in a way that scales into all companies, both large and small.

His areas of expertise include: product portfolio management, strategic planning, corporate and competitive research, communications strategy, brand platform development, data science and e-business. Bill has experience working with start-ups, mid-size, and Fortune Global 500 firms including ABB, Badger Meter, Direct Supply and ARI Network Services.

As President of Penta, Bill is responsible for leading Penta’s long-term strategy, product portfolio and demand generation activities by focusing on developing solutions that solve the big challenges facing the construction industry.

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