ProductTank Birmingham: Lessons from How we Transitioned from Projects to Products

This month, we are delighted to welcome our special guest Leon Barrett, Product Director at 383. Leon will be talking about the journey of 383 from a digital web and design agency into a product studio. He’ll cover how they moved from selling fixed outputs to outcomes, the changes in mindset both internally and with clients and some of the mistakes made when you try to do waterfall in an agile way.

Talk Overview

What’s the difference between a digital agency who delivers projects, and a product studio creating value through products? It’s far more than just a marketing update, it’s a fundamental change in the way that we work with our clients.

Firstly we partner with them, combining their deep knowledge of their business with our product excellence and customer insight techniques. Secondly, it’s a shift in the way that digital services are procured. Gone are fixed upfront deliverables, and instead a process designed for collaboration to initially define the desired outcomes, what good would look like and the known risks. Next it’s a process to reduce risk, test and validate assumptions before moving into a truly iterative process.

Join us as Leon as he talks you through the process, the highs and lows, the lessons learned, mistakes made and most importantly the impact of the products co-created with 383’s clients. You’ll be able to take the content and apply it to your organisation – especially if you’re working somewhere trying to transition from an unempowered feature factory, into an empowered problem solving team.

Event Details

Talk will be live streamed starting at 7pm on YouTube.

Event Schedule

19:00 Introduction
19:05 Leon’s Talk
19:35 Q&A
20:00 Event Ends

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