ProductTank Birmingham: Changing direction, whilst growing into uncertainty

Whilst building WONDR, we realised that we had the value proposition back to front. We’d been onboarding communities into an environment to share knowledge, when the first thing people need to do is connect and develop relationships. This talk is about the ways we’ve pivoted our product strategy, whilst continuing to grow and onboard with an less-than-ideal experience. We’ll reflect on how the entire team has to play a role, alongside the product owner, in driving clarity for people using the product and supporting its growth.

Sam Reader is CEO & Co-Founder of WONDR; a community messenger built to connect people, so they can learn together and take action. Their mission is to develop a technology that supports and accelerates people having a net positive impact in the world. Their fastest growing communities are environmental and social impact groups.

After working with hundreds of SME’s and being involved in the charity sector, Sam saw the deficiencies of knowledge-sharing first hand. With a passion for community and lifelong learning, Sam leads a team developing tech-for-good, to support people addressing our economic, social and ecological problems.

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