ProductTank Auckland – Why there is no one right approach to Product Discovery

The primary job of the product discovery team is to reduce uncertainty. Initial alignment and research might feel predictable and almost linear. But as soon as the first hypothesis turns out to be wrong, teams need to course correct. This sounds simple in theory but is not always straight forward. Complex environments and ever-changing business challenges require adaptability and challenging the idea of a linear, rigid product discovery process. It’s important to evolve your own approach.

In this talk we’ll present a framework for how not to fall into the trap of a rigid discovery process.


Rahul Singh is a Product Manager at Roam Digital, where he helps clients build products that solve customer problems, while achieving strategic business goals. He is passionate about building solutions that solve everyday problems.

Roam is a full-service digital consultancy who work with enterprise to create digital experiences that drive business value and improve people’s lives. In 2021, Roam joined the projekt202 and Amdocs family with over 31,000 people globally.

Outside of product, Rahul is bit of an adrenaline junky who likes boxing, hiking and trail running on weekends.

Huge thanks to the Roam team for hosting and sponsoring this event!

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