ProductTank Auckland – We’re all flawed Product Managers

Product Management is a unique role, with unique challenges, pressures, and pitfalls. Many of the technical challenges are well documented and ideas on how to overcome them, from some of the very best, most experienced, and most vocal professionals within the Product Management community.

The personal, psychological, and wellbeing challenges of the role, however, are far less documented, far less publicised, and far less supported in most teams in most businesses. Managing conflicts in requirements and priorities, or complaints, from departments or customers; dealing with issues or disappointment; pressures from all angles, teams, and senior leaders; upskilling in new platforms; challenging others or established norms; overcoming imposter syndrome (common to all jobs!). These are just some of the challenges that Product Managers can come up against.

This is combined with whatever the individual also has going on in their own life outside of work. Anything from existing worries or wellbeing concerns, to more serious, established or diagnosed mental health issues.

The session will cover how product managers have three distinct ‘layers’ of challenges in their lives. We share our own history and challenges, particularly when it comes to being product managers, and recognise that we are all flawed in some way, and that is just fine. Jacs and Graham discuss what we have learnt on our journeys and how we strive to be our ‘whole self’ all the time.

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