ProductTank Auckland: How we’ve grown, celebrating 5 years with 5 lightning talks

Back in Feb 2015 a small group of enthusiastic product managers got together to hold the very first Product Management Auckland Meetup event. 57 events and 3300 members later here we are! To celebrate this milestone and kick off 2020 this event will consist of 5 short, sharp lightning talks around the theme of ‘How I’ve grown’ – sharing stories of learning and growth. The talks will be followed by a panel Q&A.

Our 5 speakers are:
Belinda Simcox (Sim) – “Innovator’s Bias”
Working with tech entrepreneurs for the past 17 years, Sim has seen the continuing trend of “Innovators Bias”, as entrepreneurs fall in love with their solutions, at the expense of building what customers truly want. She brings her experience and lessons learned on how to counter this and create compelling monetisable value.

Dr. Ratneesh Suri – “The odyssey of Data Analytics Products”
Ratneesh will share how data analytics platforms have transformed over the last few years and how that has influenced her growth as an analytical leader. Are we there yet? And what comes next? Let’s find out!

This event was curated by Anthony Marter:

Anastasia Levina – “Imposter syndrome isn’t always a bad thing!”
Anastasia has had an exciting journey in the digital realm starting as a project manager and progressing into various digital marketing roles, gaining experience as a digital strategist and returning to what she’s really passionate about – creating great software and immersing herself into product management!

Chetna Chadha – “Lessons learned from a SAAS product launch”
As the Application Product Manager for NIB NZ, Chetna is responsible for growing their product management capability, she is passionate about simplifying complex technology for consumers. Her journey began in the everchanging SAAS industry with Kiwi-owned global tech start-ups, and she will share her ups and downs on this sometimes precarious ride.

Anna Schmidt – “Feedback loops”
From Product Manager focusing on custom Freight software to creating their own SaaS, Anna will give a quick overview and how product management and client feedback loops have shaped the service to date.

Big thanks to the team at Uneeq ( formerly known as FaceMe) for hosting and sponsoring this event.

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