ProductTank Amsterdam: Impact Mapping with Tim Herbig – World Product Day

Hi everyone,

We’ll join this year’s World Product Day with our very first remote, live-streamed event. We’re excited to hear from Tim Herbig – an experienced product management coach and author – about impact mapping and how it can be used to connect features to business outcomes.
Tim will join us from his hometown of Erfurt, Germany and we’ll all gather online, as in-person events aren’t possible yet (rightfully so).

World Product Day is an annual event to celebrate our craft and community featuring over 90+ ProductTank events all over the world. From Australia to the USA this will be a day full of product events.

Impact Mapping: Putting Outcomes into Practice – How to connect Features to What Really Matters

The concept of aligning product work to business outcomes is everywhere. However, many product teams struggle to break free from the ‘feature factory’ model. How does one bridge this gap and connect business impact to feature ideas?
Tim will share the practical framework of “Impact Mapping” which helps product teams navigate this ‘problem space,’ ask the right questions at the right time and move towards building product solutions that change the behaviour of users and thereby deliver business goals.

Tim Herbig is a product management coach, author, and speaker. He‘s on a mission to enable product teams to become the best version of themselves. He has worked for 10 years as a Product Manager and Head of Product in industries ranging from publishing all the way to social networking and enterprise software.
Tim doesn’t believe that the number of written user stories or shipped features can tell you anything about the work of a Product Team.

Start: 18.30
– Welcome & Updates
– Talk by Tim Herbig
– Q&A

See you online!

Iris, Steven, Thomas, and Gavin

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