Product Tank Wellington – The Rippl Effect

In April 2020, as New Zealand emerged from total Covid-19 lockdown, it became clear that there was an urgent need for a robust contact tracing solution and government would be late to the party.
What followed was a crazy four weeks, from Lean Canvas to landing page to Rippl being the most downloaded mobile app in New Zealand. On the way, Ashley Bloomfield said on stage he used Rippl, and Rippl was adopted city-wide in both Wellington and Dunedin, it became the fourth ever product to win the Privacy Commissioner’s Trust Mark, and it came tantalisingly close to being adopted as the government-endorsed solution in the UK.

Rob will share this story and the work behind the scenes to make this happen.

Rob is driven by digital for the public good. Currently Technical Director at PaperKite, Rob was previously a proud member of the government’s Service Innovation Lab, and Head of Digital Product and Operations at Te Papa Tongarewa. While at NZ Post, he scaled #nzsecretsanta (as a digital-handle-based-delivery experiment) to the point where even the Prime Minister took part.

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