Product Tank Sydney – Product Ops decoded

Come and join the Product Tank Sydney community when we decode what Product Ops is all about. For this event, we have 2 speakers who have plenty of practical experience – Pushpinder Bagga, CPO at FreightExchange, and Simon Hilton, Director of Product Ops at Karbon.

Talk #1: ProdOps: The Problem & Pain

ProdOps isn’t new, but its application for digital products is. Let’s chat about the problems for the modern product squads, the pain points for the product managers, and how ProdOps could potentially help solve some of the problems, while you outgrow the remaining ones.

About Pushpinder: 

In the last 18 years, Pushpinder has led (or helped) products that touched the lives of 25000+ patients in India looking to save health records, 250,000+ family members of Aussies living with Dementia, 2500+ Financial Advisors in Australia, 120,000 International Students applying to UNSW each year, 10,000+ Aussies looking for a healthy meal, 2500+ Pet Parents, 100,000+ Aussies using a Wheelchair and over 10,000+ businesses struggling with the modern supply-chain debacle.

Talk #2 – The Modern Guide to Product Ops

The product community is quickly aligning around key value areas that Product Ops teams can provide within your organisation. In this session Simon Hilton will take you through those areas as well as a practical exercise around how you can bring your teams together to develop an operating model and unite your efforts. 

About SImon: 

Simon Hilton is the Director of Product Operations at Karbon. He has lately been on a mission to help to unite teams to drive growth in scaling tech companies. His podcast Product Ops People brings together product leaders from around the world to help define and grow this discipline. He has also released a Product Ops playbook so organisations begin their journey.

========== Agenda ==========

This event will still happen online, we look forward to moving back to in-person event from June 2022.

6.00 PM: Talks start, followed by Q&A

7.30 PM: Wrapping up

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