Product Tank Sydney: PM102 – The classic lies in Product Management

We are proud to present this event with ex-Atlassian and Intercom Product Manager Amogh Sarda, who is currently co-founder of eesel, to take your product skills to the next level.

Talk #1: PM102 – The classic lies in Product Management

Maybe “ship to learn” can become a cover for laziness. Maybe it’s okay to start with the solution. Maybe you shouldn’t release if you’re embarrassed. Absolute 101 product management concepts don’t always hold up to real world nuance, and this talk covers a few fun examples on how our classic learnings can sometimes fail us.

About Amogh:

Amogh is a product manager who’s worked at Atlassian and Intercom, and is currently in startup land with eesel. From large and established to chaotic and early stage, I’ve had the chance to see how building product goes in a few different settings. Outside of the day job, I’m all about improv comedy (although maybe product is one big improv show too?).

========== Agenda ==========

This event will still happen online, we look forward to moving back to in-person event from April 2022.

6.00 PM: Talk starts, followed by Q&A

7.30 PM: Wrapping up

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