Product Tank Sydney – Learning how to learn as a Product Manager

We are proud to present this event with Anshul Jain to help you optimise for learning.

======= Talk #1: Learning how to learn as a Product Manager =======

The most valuable asset you can invest in is your skillset, but it’s not always obvious how to do this effectively. What skills should you learn? What products should you manage? Which companies should you work for?

In this talk Anshul will share guiding principles for optimising learning in your career. He’ll talk about where to focus your time and energy to get the best compounding returns and how to think through common types of decisions.

– Identifying high-leverage skills
– How size of company impacts learning
– How to train your intuition


About Anshul:

A 3x founder and former product leader at companies including and Amazon, Anshul has built and grown dozens of products over his career.

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