Product Tank Stockholm – Has Covid changed Product Management?

During the last two years, we’ve had to adapt to the reality of remote work. We don’t want to jinx it but hopefully, we can start going back to a new normal soon. In this meetup, we’ll explore the topic of how Product management has changed during the Covid pandemic.

With us this evening we’ll have two speakers:

Distributed Product Leadership
Stephen M. Walker II, Senior Director @ Productboard
Productboard has over 400 employees across North America and Europe. The teams are spread across five major people centers with distributed team members in an additional twelve other cities. Stephen will share lessons from hiring, weekly work, collaboration, and building connections when working across the globe.

The covid effect: how the pandemic innovated how we work Francesca Cortesi, Chief product Officer @ Hemnet Francesca leads the product organization at Hemnet, Sweden’s biggest property portal. She will talk about how Hemnet innovated the way they work during the pandemic, to get the best from both physical distance and collaboration. You’ll walk away with some really concrete frameworks that might make you reconsider how you work with ideation and cross-company rollouts.

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