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Even though UX Design and Product Management are separate career paths, they tend to intertwine with each other quite often. Excellent collaboration and skill-sharing between the two can lead to a great user-centric product that solves core pain points.

So what is exactly UX design, and what does a UX designer do, that adds value to a product?

How should PMs or entrepreneurs communicate effectively with Designers to build great products?

And many other questions were discussed in the ‘Product Management meets UX Design’ Panel Discussion hosted by ProductTank Tokyo.

🌟 About the Speakers 🌟

The panel was joined by two very experienced and talented guests.

Emi Kwon is a data-inspired designer. As a hybrid of a designer and a researcher, she enjoys collecting and analysing data and keeps on drafting hypotheses and research methods in her head. As the UX Lead of the Experience Design Group at a global insurance company, Emi is currently leading data-driven design for UX solutions for end-users.

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Simran Kaur is currently working as a Product designer who aims to deliver user-centric designs by diving into the user’s needs with the help of empathy. She is currently working for Rakuten Mobile. Prior to that, she worked at Zepplin Inc where she was the lead designer and worked on projects for companies like NTT, NEC, 7/11 and many more. She also hosts a weekly UX talk series with popular designers on her Instagram.

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This panel was moderated and hosted by ProductTank OC member Tanmay Goel, who is currently working as a Product Manager at Rakuten.

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