Process Workshops Pre and Post COVID – #Futurefest – process improvement and process optimization
This video explores how process improvement workshops have changed pre and post COVID. How you need to be more objective and less subjective about your decisions by understanding the costs and benefits of changes to your business processes.
How can you capture your processes in a remote world and why is process improvement so important and most importantly how can you do it better.
This session was done at Digital Leaders Week for Dorset Council’s Festival of the future.
Access the on demand ‘How to run remote process workshops’ session here

Mobility Solutions: Helping Your Business Grow!

The core function of an enterprise wheelchair service is to increase the performance of business by providing a better platform for enhanced connectivity which in turn adds to a greater performance. As companies are expanding, they are progressively acknowledging the value of venture solutions that are playing a pivotal duty in equipping a business. What’s even more is that mobile business are additionally scaling new heights with each passing secondly.

Establishing A Routine For Consistent Productivity

Why is it that it seems more challenging to function for on your own in the convenience of your very own house, then it does to function for another person? Securing the garbage, walking the canine, reading email and anything else that does not straight affect your lower line right is a sincere waste of your time.

Project Management System Requirements

What do you want your job management system to do? As a job supervisor you understand what you have to attain to do the job however do you recognize what you require your task administration system to do? Many of these systems recognize what it requires to help you obtain your work done.

Accountability Is a Team Sport

Picture your job setting as one of 100% team responsibility. While wages may vary from the newly hired to highest possible management, every person on the team is valued and valued. Picture how this would certainly affect ambience and also performance when all members become part of the accountability team.

My New Favorite Personal Productivity Tool

Some individuals that such as the ideology of the Bullet Journal claim they make use of the concepts with an online tool called Workflowy. So I checked it out and also fell in love!

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