Process mapping with yEd | Free visio alternative

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yEd is a free and effective alternative to MS Visio. If you want to know how to map your processes effectively…for free.. then pop over to the process consultant web-site and pick up your free course.

Visio is a great program for process mapping but it’s expensive and hard to learn. If you want something that is just as good if not better than Visio, then you should be looking at yEd.

Video overview:

00:32 yEd interface

01:10 Process diagramming pallettes

03:10 What makes yEd special

04:27 Importing

05:30 Interactive process maps

06:20 Pluses and Minuses

In the Free yEd Process Mapping Video Tutorial Course here is an outline of what I cover:

Downloading & Installing yEd
Basics of the user interface
Configuring yEd
Creating a process map from a photo of a whiteboard session
Adding decisions to a process map
Connecting things up
Finishing touches
Printing and exporting

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