Process Control Plan – The Best Way to Control Processes

The process control plan is the best way to give employees knowledge and authority about key characteristics to monitor and control to obtain the best results.

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An example of a real process control plan

✏️ Here the transcript of the video.

What do you need to control the process effectively and efficiently
and be sure you get the result that the quality specification requires?

For example, in a fast-food chain, the cooks in the kitchen know
precisely what to watch when cooking french fries to have a good and crunchy product at the right point?

Do they know what the oil temperature and the frying time should be?

Do they have precise instructions on what to do if the temperature and cooking time exceeds the expected values?

To answer these questions there is a specific tool called
process control plan.

▶ Process Control Plan

A process control plan is a tool that clearly defines who the process owner is.

The process owner must check that the process is always running correctly.

The process control plan also specifies what is to be controlled.

In the example, a control parameter is the oil temperature which should always be a specified range of the instructions.

For example, the oil temperature could always be between 160 and 180°C

In addition, the process control plan also specifies how the control is to be performed, how often, where control must be recorded, and who is authorized to take actions on the controlled parameter.

Ultimately, a process control plan has the form of a table with at least the following headings:

Process Owner
Product Name
Product Specification
Process Specification
Control Method
Reaction Plan

There can be multiple features of the same process in a process control plan.

▶ Process Control Plan – Example

Let’s try to fill the process control plan with the example of french fries.

Process Owner. Cooker.
Operation. Frying.
Machine. Fryer.
Product Specification. Well done fries.
Process Specification. Oil temperature between 160 and 180 ° C.
Control Method. The temperature reading on the fryer.
Frequency. Any Fry.
Reaction Plan. Increase or decrease temperature if out of specification.

This example is clearly simplified.

The process control plan is a dynamic document that is subject to periodic checks and modifications for improving its effectiveness and efficiency.

It is important over time to understand what the key characteristics of the process are and check only those with the right frequency.

▶ In conclusion,

The process control plan gives operators the knowledge and control of process parameters.

It also defines the authority to perform actions to obtain the best results on the finished product.

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