Predicting the future without planning – Dave Longman Agile on the Beach Conference 2017

In this session from Agile On The Beach 2017, Dave Longan looks at how you can predict the future without planning.

When will we be done? Are we on-track/on-budget? These are a couple of the questions that are asked by stakeholder when working with agile teams. How do you answer these questions without slipping into a world where the entire backlog is defined and estimated at the start? Dave looks at some approaches he has used to successfully provide responses to questions like these without defining everything up front.

Dave Longman is a Software Developer turned Product Owner and Scrum Master with 7 years experience building distributed agile teams. He currently works for Headforwards leading agile teams split between Cornwall and Kent. Previously he worked for IDBS in Surrey building agile teams split between UK locations and the US.

Agile on the Beach is a leading annual conference in Falmouth, Cornwall UK. Since 2011 Agile on the Beach has been a two day agile conference, set on the Cornish coast with a beach party in between. The conference explores agile software, products, teams, business and practices. With 400 attending, the conference hosts 50 seminars and workshops to provide the ultimate agile learning experience, along with ample opportunities for networking at its 3 evening events.

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