Pre-Project Problem Analysis: A Crucial Enabler for Project Success with Adrian Reed

Recorded live at GTA University Centre, 22nd August 2019.

Statistics and studies are often cited that show that a worryingly high
number of projects fail to deliver the benefits that they anticipated. I
suspect we have all seen or worked on tricky projects that goes ‘off the
rails’, even though everyone did their best to keep them on track.
Some projects are almost ‘doomed to fail’ because they are initiated
without a clear understanding of the problem they are trying to solve or
the opportunity they are trying to leverage. Pre-project problem analysis
helps to achieve this level of clarity and helps ensure that stakeholders
have a common view on the problem that needs to be solved. This makes
further detailed analysis much easier and contributes towards the success
of the project.
This practical session focusses on how to carry out analysis before or
during the early stages of a project so that it has the best possible chance
of succeeding. During this session you’ll hear:
– Why is pre-project problem analysis important?-
– How and where it fits into the project lifecycle
– Specific techniques that can be used to gain a quick understanding
(a “thin slice”) of the “Why” and the “What” of projects
– How to create a 1-page “project concept” document that
crystallises the need for a project and gains stakeholder

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