People buy based on emotional connections – Futurefest

In this session we’ll look at the importance of emotion connections in the buying process and how emotions drive intent. To quote advertising legend David Ogilvy, ‘people don’t think how they feel, they don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say. Which is a significant challenge for all businesses.

As a marketer; it pains me to say, people do not care about brands as much as we like to think. All business people must remember “you are not the target audience” and our customers do not think about the brand as much as you do. But through building the right mental – and emotional associations with a brand we can develop more meaningful connections with our customers.

With the advancement in facial coding technology we can now assess and measure the elusive ‘human emotions’ at speed and scale. We’ll share some of our learnings from our studies into ‘Happiness, Fear and Nostalgia’ and talk about pushing creativity to positively influence customer behaviour.

We are so much more than rational, linear, self-interested beings. We are emotional, multi-dimensional, instinctive, intuitive… and far less predictable than we had always assumed. To see how you react, take part in our demo on-the-day.

To see how you react, take part in our demo on-the-day, please email me:

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