Part 3: Business Analysis Techniques Used by the Tactical Business Analyst

Part 3 of “Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Business Analysis” presented to the IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis TM) Cincinnati Chapter and Bluegrass IIBA® Chapter on August 16 and 17, 2017
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The purpose of business analysis is supposedly to define a future that will allow an organization to achieve specific goals and objectives. In reality, the purpose of business analysis can be anything from mindlessly scribbling down “requirements” to predicting the future of the known universe.

Although often married to IT (Information Technology), business analysis is a fundamental business process regardless which organizational unit performs it. Because it defines the interface between people and technology, it is by nature complex. Based on experience gained in working with hundreds of organizations of various sizes world-wide, we identify distinct differences in business analysis as practiced at three levels.

In a nutshell, Strategic Business Analysis identifies opportunities for improvement. Tactical Business Analysis flushes out the details of defined projects or initiatives. Operational Business Analysis deals with the evolving daily changes in the life of any change process. Defined thusly, these could be three different careers although they share a great deal of common techniques. As the business analyst, you need to be aware of the level at which you are working to morph the techniques for maximum returns.


1. Define strategic, tactical, and operational business analysis audiences, actions, and results
2. Recognize how to leverage the distinction to further your business analysis career
3. Discuss what it means for the future of the business analysis profession


Project Business Analysts
Enterprise Business Analysts
Business Systems Analysts
Requirements Engineers
Business and Solution Architects
Business Relationship Managers
Project Managers
Managers of Business Analysts
IT Managers
BACoE and PMO Directors

PRESENTED BY: Tom Hathaway, Founder and Managing Member of BA-Experts

Tom has over 30 years of experience as a practitioner and instructor in the information technology and business analysis fields. He has developed and presented business analysis training and consulting services to a world-wide audience of IT and business professionals. Working closely with his wife and business partner Angela, he created and maintains a business analysis blog and YouTube channel with nearly 1 million views and 12,000 subscribers. Together, they have recorded and published over 30 free “KnowledgeKnuggets™” explaining specific business analysis techniques for “Anyone Wearing the BA Hat”. In addition, they have written and published 7 Business Analysis books (available on with related video courses (available on and have more planned.

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