Overview of 10th Annual MDM Summit Europe by Aaron Zornes


Connect with the best & brightest MDM & Data Governance experts from around the world

While businesses in all industries transition into their digital future, master data takes on increasing importance as the enabler of innovation and efficiency. Challenges are significant in that MDM requires enterprises to meld new business strategies with ever-evolving IT capabilities to establish IT and business goals interlock.

Our 10th annual summit can help tremendously as it has been proven to help enterprises create a foundational and business-relevant MDM strategy.

At our annual European conference, we predict increased global attendance as organisations across all industries and geographies must grapple with fundamental CDI and PIM requirements (which still drive the majority of MDM procurements).

Yet Big Data, reference data, cloud deployment/architectures and social MDM also continue to push the envelope.

We are experiencing an ongoing battle of intrinsic MDM and data governance programs (that will help enterprises compete, market, grow and regulate their business) versus the oncoming wave of IoT- , ecommerce- and social network-related Big Data analytic requirements (that will help gestate the next generation of digital-driven industries).

Thus, there is real angst or conflict in the ranks of data and solution architects as to where to prioritise their company’s priorities as well as their own career focus.

These worlds will continue to collide, yet innovative and successful organisations will continue to mix pragmatic MDM (onboarding customers/suppliers/products) with next-gen sources and targets (mobile commerce, IoT).

The more agile enterprises (and individuals) will have minimal conflict between mixing intrinsic MDM capabilities with next-gen MDM requirements.

Our 400+ annual attendees perennially arrive with an ongoing commitment to “How can I be better at what I do – both for my company and my career?”

Additionally, during our quasi annual family reunion among MDM and data governance expert practitioners, a trade show “breaks out”! New products are introduced, vendors partner up with consultancies, new relationships are built … and the industry continues to evolve.

And as conference chairman, I have the best seat in the house to see this all happen!

We look forward to meeting with you and your team this May 18-21 in London at Europe’s largest gathering of IT professionals dedicated to these timely and vital topics.

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