Opportunity Framing

An APM webinar promoted by the North West Branch Cumbria Chapter on 23 February 2022.

Speaker: Karl Sanderson

A root cause of project failure can be poor up-front shaping.

Facilitated Opportunity Framing at project inception, repeated through front-end-loading, mitigates the risk of later project recycle, ensures that the project is decision rather than task driven, and provides the right tools for optioneering. Framing is being rolled out across HM Government’s Major Projects Portfolio, and agencies such as the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority are taking the process even further by applying it more widely to their estates.

Topics covered included:

1. What is opportunity framing and how can it help make project outcomes more predictable;
2. Framing as a tool for achieving stakeholder alignment;
3. How framing fits into stage-gated project maturation – what it adds that is commonly missing;
4. The origins of framing, practitioners, and its current roll-out across the public sector;
5. Other uses of framing outside of projects including; policy formulation; strategic decisions; strategic procurements;

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