Onboard Customers in Slack with Process Street, Salesforce and Docusign

Client onboarding is complicated enough without having to swap between five apps to carry out the steps for it.

That’s why, with Process, you can onboard customers in Slack without having to leave the app!

This video will show you how you can onboard customers using Process Street’s integrations with Salesforce, Docusign, and Slack to carry out a comprehensive client onboarding workflow that anyone can follow to a high standard. We’ll cover:

* Triggering your onboarding workflow automatically when a new opportunity is closed in Salesforce
* Accessing and working through your onboarding tasks in Slack with Process Street’s Slack App
* Triggering a contract to be sent to the client via Docusign when a specific task is completed in Slack

Onboarding customers really is that easy with Process Street.

Sign up for a free account today at process.st

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