OKRs for Product Management – Semen Arslan, Agile on the Beach 2019

In Semen Arslan’s AOTB 2019 talk she looks at OKR (Objective and Key Results) and how the framework can be used to set goals that connects Agile product management practices with organisations performance metrics. It has started to be used by companies such as Google, Oracle, Twitter, LinkedIn and Dropbox and currently OKRs are being applied worldwide from startups to large organisations. Defining “moonshot” is very important for a company to be one of the best companies on social innovation and digital transformation. OKRs are very powerful to bring forth this “moonshot” thanks to its core concepts: shorter cadence, alignment, transparency, focus and simplicity. Therefore, by using OKRs, we can set our direction to amplify motivation and unlock the ultimate human potential and grow the ground-breaking products.

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Semen Cirit Arslan is working as a Sr. Product Owner at METRO-nom. She helps teams with scaling Agile, fighting with Agile Antipatterns and improving metrics for successful product management.

Since 2009 Semen has been working with Open Source, Agile and Lean. For the last five years she has been a frequent conference speaker and has given more than 20 talks at conferences including Agile Alliance XP, TopConf and Agilia.

She is also a member of AgileTurkey, JavaDays Istanbul committees and is also working with Google Developer and Women Tech Makers Groups.

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