Nope Chart – Internet Names for Spiders

Nopes are those eight legged things that make you say, “nope!” You’ll find nopes in a variety of memes, and (like doggos and cattos) there are special internet names used to describe spiders.

Cute nopes are the best kind of nopes because they don’t look like they want to eat you. Sometimes they’ll be doing a curious (just like a doggo!), sometimes they wear waterhats, some are floofy, and some are actually just puppers disguised as nopes. Bamboozled again 😉

If you know your nope anatomy, nopes are much less scary. Nopes have blinkies (eyes), lovely lashes, scuttlers (legs), and nom nom wigglers. Nopes use nom nom wigglers to eat flies, moths, and the especially nopey nopes sometimes eat sneks! Nope.

Two other parts of nope anatomy are the silk skeeter and the fuzzbum. Some nopes have fancy fuzzbums, like the happy fanny, skeletor, and Jason. Mr T (tarantula) has an especially fuzzy fuzzbum, and don’t get too close to the danger bowtie (black widow spider).

Finally, the naming of the nope led to the naming of related nopes. The nope rope is one (also referred to as a snek or danger noodle), then there’s the nope rope nope (which is just a combo of the nope and the nope rope), and the nopalope. That thing’s a freak of nature.


Credits for Photos with Attribution Requirements:

Nope (#2) – by raider of gin –
Nope (on TP) – by onthedecline –
Less Nopey Nope – by Thomas Shahan –
Baby Spooder – by Nikita –
Doing a Curious – by Thomas Shahan –
Bamboozled Again – by istolethetv – (rotated image, filled in background)
Nom Nom Wigglers – by Lukas Jonaitis –
Nope Eating Snek – by ChicagoPhotoSho –
Happy Fanny – by Nate Yuen – (blended with another photo)
Skeletor – by Randall Chancellor – (enhanced contrast/brightness)
Jason – by Hunter Desportes –
Over Achiever – by Jurgen Otto –
Nopalope – by Navinder Singh –
Inspiration – from Know Your Meme –


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