Microflows #1 – Creating Custom Application Logic

In this video, Simone Mink explains the basic elements of microflows and how they can help you build custom logic in your app.

Microflows model custom logic instead of custom code. This makes understanding the underlying structure of an application much easier, even years after it was created, no matter who is looking at it.

This also allows for non-technical business interests and customers to easily understand how the application works.

The visual nature of microflows means that anyone can intuitively create a microflow regardless of their prior knowledge of coding. Microflows are easy to maintain and to update, even long after the original creators have left the project.

These microflows allow you to reuse the logic elsewhere in the application and are exportable to be used in other application development projects – greatly reducing development time.

If you want to dive deeper into how you can build custom logic in your app using microflows, go ahead and follow the Rapid Developer learning path: https://bit.ly/2PDnVHn

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