Mercy Ships Streamlines HR Processes and Volunteer Applicant Experiences with OutSystems

Mercy Ships deploys hospital ships to some of the world’s poorest countries, delivering vital, free healthcare to people in desperate need. Poised to launch a second hospital ship, the Global Mercy, early in 2021, Mercy Ships needed to double its volunteer recruitment effort.
In this case study video, Mercy Ships explains how it used OutSystems to transform the end-to-end volunteer recruitment experience.
Volunteers now have everything they need in one place. They can securely upload qualification certificates and easily interact with Mercy Ships recruitment staff.
And the new system saves time and effort for the Mercy Ships as well. Now everyone involved in recruitment can easily track the progress of applicants through the process. Mercy Ships has cut the time needed to prepare applicant reviews by 92%. And overall, the charity has seen a 20% efficiency gain in time-to-hire.

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