Mendix Basics – Introduction

In this video, Mendix Academy Director, David Eaton introduces you to the Mendix Basics learning path. This is the first step towards not only building your first application on the Mendix low-code platform, but also learning best practices for app development.

In more detail, you will learn more about:

• The Mendix Development Process – Learn how Mendix’s core principles bridge the gap between business and IT.
• Building Pages using the Web Modeler – Get up to speed on how easy it is to create pages in the Web Modeler.
• The Domain Model – Review what the Mendix domain model exactly is and how data is structured.
• The Team Server – Collaboration is the key to any application development project. Learn the ins and outs of the many tools Mendix provides for effective teamwork.
• Microflows – Brush up on model driven development and how to build custom logic and functions with microflows.
• Data Validation and Consistency – Learn about domain model attributes, validating microflows, associations and more in this video.
• Application Security – Gain insight on why security is important and how to incorporate it in a Mendix application.
• Building Mobile Applications – Become versed on the many features that allow you to build beautiful, fully responsive, mobile applications.

After completing this learning path, you will know about all the value that Mendix can provide to your team. Later, you can dive into more detail by following the Become a Rapid Developer learning path:

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