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Requirements. The most crucial part of development. You can overcome poor planning; you can overcome poor coding. But nobody has ever succeeded with poor requirements. Requirements are the underpinnings for whatever you intend to build, whether it be software, hardware, consumer product, service or anything else. Simply put, only the right requirements will get you the right solution.

Requirements discovery is no longer about producing large, unreadable (and often unread) specifications. Requirements today is about uncovering the real needs of the problem space, understanding the needs of the people who use your solution, recognising the environment for the solution, then, in a timely manner, delivering requirements that are concise, clear and testable.

This workshop, presented by a real business analyst, gives you a thorough and well-established process for uncovering the real requirements, testing them for correctness, and ensuring that all the requirements have been discovered. The process is used with variations by both agile and traditional projects. It starts with the business, for it is only within the business that you discover the real needs. When you know the real needs, it becomes possible to determine what will best serve those needs, and to write the requirements or stories to build the right solution.

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