Mapping your maturity: How to create contextually-appropriate learning models – Marc Burgauer

Learn Wardley Mapping at Map Camp Germany 2020

Marc Burgauer has experienced professional life as a biologist, an award-winning performance artist and musician, as a business analyst, enterprise database architect and early web applications programmer, startup founder, company board member, and in various management functions.

An early interest in Complexity and management theories meant XP found an open door, when a friend shared the first articulation on in 2000. Motivated by successful application of Agile and adjacent concepts over the next 15 years in two tech startups and, first covertly, in a large-scale digital transformation in a Scottish public service, Marc made the move into coaching. After learning about organisational barriers in two of the UK’s major banks, he is currently helping a civil service to become a learning organisation.

Map Camp Germany 2020 was organised by Holger Gelhausen

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