Managing Requirements in an Agile World: Avoiding the “Round Peg/Square Hole” Dilemma Webinar

Requirements are critical to any successful development activity. In a time when speed to market and agility are critical success factors, it is no surprise that the Agile framework and SCRUM process are urgently being sought out by organizations with the hopes of creating efficiencies, decreasing defects and time to market, while increasing overall productivity. Amidst cultural adaptation, role delineation, and a paradoxical shift from a Waterfall approach to an incremental approach, the fact remains, requirements are still the key drivers to success.

Are requirements really as easy as having a user write a bunch of stuff on an index card and setting the developers free to code some miraculous product? Hardly. The truth is, nothing has changed where requirements are concerned. In fact, this presentation puts the world of requirements development and management into context and discusses the harmony that can be created when Agile practices are put into place.

This webinar will address the following topics:
1. Why bother – aren’t index cards enough? The value in understanding Agile requirements
2. The many layers of Agile requirements; from portfolio to program to project
3. Who are the players when it comes to requirements?
4. A word about non-functional requirements
5. The requirements analysis toolkit…revisited

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