Managing line jumps on layers in diagrams for Atlassian Confluence and Jira

Certain features and functions in for Confluence & Jira are influenced by the layer order of your diagrams. Learn how to manage your layers to make the diagrams work the way you want!
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5 Proven Tips to Increase Your Productivity

Did you know the ordinary person invests 2.1 hours in diversion each day? 2.1 hours !! As well as that every 11 mins, we get distracted at job by email, Facebook, texting etc? And also were you aware that it takes 25 mins for each people to redouble our minds and get back to the job handy after we’ve been managed?

3 More Reasons Why Document Scanning and Digital Management Should Become The Heart Of Your Business

In various other posts I have actually created the primary three methods which record scanning and also electronic document administration can end up being a substantial property for your company, however there are many even more reasons why you should think about going digital today. Review three more in our brand-new short article.

Before the Holiday Rush, Tie Up Loose Ends From 2011

What took place to drop? I’m one of those shivering Northeast locals – hit by a Halloween weekend snow storm and power interruptions – who is asking that concern while bursting out shovels, rock salt and hefty boots that I believed had an additional month of storage. Equally as the seasons are competing by, so are 2011’s work days.

Leverage Your Learning Loop

Years ago, Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Technique, stated that “the only lasting competitive advantage is a company’s ability to learn faster than the competitors.” Learning is a Loophole No matter how you name it, success as well as survival depend upon the ability to find out from facts and also numbers along with insights as well as ideas. Individuals and also companies that do this quicker than their coworkers and competition will certainly accomplish an unsurpassable benefit.

Case Picking – Not an Easy Task

Obtaining items out the door and into the client’s hands in a prompt style is an essential aspect of storehouse tasks as well as key to a supplier’s success. How swiftly orders are met directly relates to customer fulfillment.

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