Making your mentoring relationship work

Making your mentoring relationship work webinar

Thursday 12 May 2022

Presented by
Richard Tulley

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Content description:
Designed for project professionals at all career levels who want to understand how they can make the most out of being mentored to boost their personal and professional development.

This discussion is also beneficial for project professionals who just want to explore or understand the nature and benefits of being mentored.

By engaging with this webinar content broadcast on Thursday 12 May you can understand how to make the most out of being mentored, complementing the opportunities to grow and develop that you get in your professional environment.

Richard Tulley explains the principles of effective mentoring relationships and the fundamental principle of being non-directive.

The discussion established how to see mentoring as an integral part of your personal and professional development, and it will explore establishing a strong sense of purpose through goal setting and understanding your own motivations and drivers.

The discussion also provided practical guidance towards preparing for, and entering into a mentoring relationship, and how to avoid conflict between your mentoring relationship and your professional relationships in your role.

Richard has explored a breadth of learning and development methods and is passionate about mentoring and coaching.
Richard mentors within Sopra Steria, has run a programme and project mentoring programme for the last four years and also mentors outside of Sopra Steria on a voluntary basis.
He shares his experience and insight from his role at Sopra Steria and its approach to developing a practice of circa 530 project professionals, as well as from his extensive engagement in external mentoring programmes.

This content is suitable for professionals with any level of experience, but most beneficial to those who are already being mentored or intending to start a mentoring relationship.

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