Making workshops work

Making workshops work webinar

Thursday 1 July 2021
APM Programme Management Specific Interest Group (SIG)

presented by Dr Penny Pullan

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Content description:
Sharing insights into how to deliver lasting results collaboratively through in-person, virtual and hybrid workshops, taken from her forthcoming book on the subject.

As a programme or project manager, do you need to be able to run really effective meetings and workshops as part of your role?
Would you like to feel confident working with challenging and diverse groups, and with senior leaders?
Do you want to deliver lasting results collaboratively, whatever the environment?
Most programme and project managers have no training in facilitation skills and yet they need these skills more than ever in these days of virtual and hybrid working.

This event covered the process of designing and delivering engaging, well-run and effective sessions, starting with an initial idea and through careful, step-by-step preparation to running them successfully, despite the inevitable challenges.

She touched on design for virtual, hybrid and in-person workshops and explored how to make it likely that actions will happen as a result. The webinar also drew on aspects of neuroscience, social psychology and facilitation theory explaining where all of this comes from.

You should have been left with ideas and tips that you can apply immediately to improve your programme or project workshops and meetings, an understanding of why they work and, we hope, a curiosity to find out more and become even better at workshops.

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