Lucidchart Tutorials – Import for ERD

Learn how Lucidchart allows you to quickly and easily import data from your DBMS to create a shape library populated with all of the tables and relationships necessary for an entity relationship diagram (ERD) of your database.

If you would like to learn more about entity relationship diagrams (or ERDs) then reference our tutorial series here:

Quick tips:
Use the Lucidchart File Menu to quickly access ERD import, or just add the ERD shape library to your toolbox to see the options there
Lucidchart provides a query for your DMBS that will give you a file that imports directly into our platform. We support MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.
Simply drag and drop your tables onto the canvas and relationships are automatically mapped for you! You can now make changes or edits and eventually export this information back into your database!

Lucidchart makes it simple and easy for you to import data from your DBMS to create a toolbox with tables from your databases, with relationships and keys already mapped, ready for you to edit and manipulate.

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